Chapter One

Dazshtan, Shahwan’s Legacy

I remember that morning, five years ago, in the stalls at the Vet clinic in Tumalo, Oregon, with our mare, RA Inshallah, and her newborn foal, Dazshtan. Our family was brought together for a meeting. My dad and Mike Chapman discussed an urgent situation that had just occurred. There had been communication from Sheykh SR’Ammeri. Our good friend Walter Heuser and Dr. Rhaman Marsufi were requested to travel to his camp where it was learned that the Sheykh had lost his treasured mare, the dam of RA Inshallah. During their return trip from the Wadi Sirhan, Walter and Rhaman discussed an honorable solution. On the phone with Mike, they explained the importance of maintaining her bloodline.

Somberly, Mike explained the reason for the important meeting. ”I regret to inform you that the foundation mare of the Ruala tribe, the dam of RA Inshallah  (“Inny” ) had passed away. I have been in contact with Walter and Dr. Marsufi in Cairo. They have discussed a solution, that I also feel is honorable, as to how to preserve her bloodline”, he noted. “Inny is due to come into her foal heat. We all think she should be bred back to Shahwan to try for a filly. We need to return that precious filly back to the desert to replace her grandmother. What do you think Kids?”

Without hesitation, there was a cry of agreement from the family.

My dad asked the pressing question. “Will the Sheykh live long enough to see the result?

He continued, “Isn’t Walter awaiting an answer? We need to get busy, for sure. Is everyone in agreement?”

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