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Listening to Your Horse

Educating foals from the time of conception?

Educating foals from the time of conception? Can we do that? In my opinion, YES! The education of a horse begins from the time of conception and starts way before that with the education of the dam and the choosing of the sire. Why do I come up with such crazy things...

Fighting Our Nature

Fighting Our Nature We may think that we are real Horsemen. But are we? Personally, I had learned the most important, basic principle of dealing with horses, not before I embarked on my journey with them, but after making many mistakes.  My purpose in life now is to...

Excerpts from the Horse Listener

Excerpts from "The Horse Listener", the first book in the Horse Listener trilogy by Internationally published best selling author Mark M. Hanna "What better way to explain it than from the heart of the ones who experienced it." Mike would often explain to me...

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