Dazshtan, Shahwan’s Legacy

 It was late as the horses bearing their weary charges came within view through the dust and wind, the vast greenery of the Wadi Sirhan and the tents of the Ruala tribe of Sheykh R’ Ammeri. The Arabian horses we were riding had inherited their stamina and traits from centuries of carrying these Bedouin tribesmen through thousands of miles of desert in their quest for tribal survival. The Bedouin tribesman of the Ruala tribe, who accompanied me on this harrowing trip, were nearing the tents of one of the horse breeding tribes that dotted the landscape from Aleppo in the north to the Arabian desert in the south.

      “Come with me”, said my guide and special servant of the Sheykh. “I am instructed to assist you. May I take your alfahl almurhaq. (weary stallion) We are blessed to honor your presence here”.

“La shukran. We need to stay together. My stallion and I appreciate your kind gesture. Both of us need rest,”  I exclaimed. 

Our wounds were treated with the herbs and spices given to me as we settled down under the shade of a date palm.

     Yes, I have a passion for the Arabian Horse. This experience in the following chapters had tested Dazshtan, my trusted and loyal stallion. I didn’t realize, until coming here, how important his inherited Arab qualities are, coming directly from his desert breeding. 

My name is Josie Peters. I am the first child of Mathew and Shirley Peters of Tumalo Oregon. My father is a Veterinarian specializing in Equine Reproduction. My mother is also a Vet in the field of Mammalian Ophthalmology.

My stallion, Dazshtan, and I had survived through experiences that challenged us to reveal our true strengths and weaknesses.


Here we are. How did we get here? It’s a long story, but it needs to be told!

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Introduction, Dazshtan, Shahwan’s Legacy

Introduction, Dazshtan, Shahwan’s Legacy

Dazshtan, Shahwan’s Legacy Introduction     It was late as the horses bearing their weary charges came within view through the dust and wind, the vast greenery of the Wadi Sirhan, and the tents...

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Chapter Five, Dazshtan, Shahwan’s Legacy

Chapter Five, Dazshtan, Shahwan’s Legacy

Chapter Five Important Lessons Learned. Ophthalmology, which my mother’s practice is based, captured Rashad’s interest right away. He expressed to my mom a desire to learn more about the eye of...

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