Chapter Twenty-Three

It All Makes Sense!


I hurriedly removed myself from the celebration. I wanted to be with my Dazshtan who was hobbled up on the hill overlooking the lights of the celebration. I found him there lying peacefully as he slept.
My emotions as I approached him combined with the memories that were flooding into me startled him. He rose to his feet, snorted, and let out a big sigh. I hugged his powerful neck. I told him that I wanted to be with him so I could figure out what just happened. Was this real, or a dream? I knew what I experienced when I appeared to that young man in my dreams. It seemed so real!  Exhausted, I asked my boy to lie down with me. I needed to rest.
Gently, he laid down beside me. I fell asleep next to his warm body. I was once again propelled into a dreamlike state, a lucid dream where I saw another personage, a spirit coming towards me. It was Darien.
With my voice whispering “I see you. Do you see me?”
As the spirit got nearer, “Yes, you are there in front of me.”
I noticed that we were speaking in our native languages but could understand each other perfectly.
“I was with my special mare and I fell asleep as I was nestled by her side. I experienced as I fell asleep, a dream where I saw you in the distance coming towards me.”
Rubbing his eyes, “I remember you. You were that spirit that helped me save my mare when she was sick.”
Astonished at what was happening to me, I told him that my name is Josie. “You appeared to me and guided my young stallion out of a snowdrift. I had fainted and you placed me on his back as he crouched down to scoop me up. I had fainted and collapsed into the deep snow. You guided me back home to my parents who were anxiously waiting for me.”
“Yes, I remember that clearly. My name is Rashid. You and I are here together now”
“How can that be” I replied. “I just learned tonight when the scribe recounted the details of a legend that occurred decades ago that you existed in the past. You and your precious mare, I helped save her. Now I know! She was your soul mate.”
“And you saved my precious stallion, Darien, and me too.”
We both looked at each other knowingly.
“You are familiar to me Josie. It’s like I’ve known you forever. That stallion was your soul mate”
“I have the same feelings about you Darien.” as we looked into each other’s eyes, our memories of together became clear to us.
We knew each other then. Our horses were strongly connected to us.
We both said at the same time, “Does that mean that we’re soul mates?”
Suddenly, a bright light appeared in the distance and from within that light a beautiful bay stallion appeared to us. It was Shahwan.
“Oh, my God. Is this real” I said to myself.  Seeing him look into my eyes I heard a clear voice come from him. Darien also heard him speak. He was also transfixed.
“Trust in the God that created us and provided the miraculous bodies that we inhabit. I am here to deliver a message from the Creator himself. Both of you have a clear task to fulfill in your lifetimes. Together, with the help and guidance of my spirit as I have guided your grandfather, Josie, the things you will bring about because of your efforts will help preserve God’s creation that you see in front of you now, the Arabian horse. The horse kind that he placed on the Ark, together with Noah is preserved for the betterment of mankind. I was together in the preexistence with your grandfather. I am his soul mate. I am with him constantly in the spirit as you are with your soul mates because you were in the preexistence together with them also. We were all promised to each other before we went through the veil to our new home on earth.
I remember what our creator said to us before we left on our journey. (“Have courage, be kind, and be true to yourselves.”) Follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit that guide you throughout your lives. We had no memory as we came to earth, but something inside us helped us find our promised soul mates. I can’t answer why you two precious souls have not found each other In your mortal existence. Rest assured, that you will have these questions answered.
I am privileged that God has allowed me also to be your spirit guide. I look forward to being reunited with your grandfather, Josie. Our Creator God sends with me his blessings for both of you. Have faith and know that He is God. I must leave you now. Give this message I left with you to your grandfather, Josie. Remember to conduct your missions. The Arabian horse is a special creation in God’s eyes. He was made to be a helpmeet. Seek to preserve their legacy.”
I woke up from my dream and somehow, I knew that Darien had also awakened. My loyal soul mate lying beside me read my thoughts as I looked into his eyes, the window to his soul. I told him that I knew his sire. He told me that we would accomplish many wonderful things together. At that moment, I saw the reflection in his eyes of his sire Shahwan. Indeed, his spirit remains with us constantly.

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