In my past articles and in my book, I explain the epiphany I went through in making a 180 degree change from a controlling, domineering, do it or else kind of horse owner and may I say, not a horseman yet. I thought I was a talented person with horses. The person I was then would not fit in the world with which I have chosen to presently be in with my horses. There are many horsemen and women today who have gone through similar experiences. Ethical trainers who have devoted their lives in the pursuit of excellence with their horses. I believe it is a revolution that is taking place among people in the horse world the last thirty years or even longer. The world is changing with the base of the horse world, getting far away from the abusive techniques of training and the political, win at all costs trends that has disgusted them. These trends have resulted in competitive events in some breeds to shrink in size with the base of the breeds staying home. Why would they spend all of the money to compete when they are not represented honestly in the show ring. I believe there will be a day of reckoning that the professionals who are relying on a shrinking customer base will come to a conclusion that things have to change. There are so many talented horsemen out there who love their horses and their clientele. Hopefully, they will see their ways clear of the catastrophe that is coming their way.

Our horses are loosing marketability and farms are dispersing large herds of horses. Owners who have invested large sums of money are going broke need help to your financing check this out We see this trend with horse lovers who have no choice to disperse and the other callous horse owners who just dump their herd in an auction where the meat buyers snatch them up and ship them to Canada, Mexico and France.

Our horses should be able to transfer to new owners exposed to the positive side of horse ownership who are desirous of the love of a partner, a horse who wants to be loved. To accomplish this, the new owners need to be supported by organizations and professionals who hold the horses welfare first. Education and a concerted effort to bring along these new owners should be paramount above the elite show attitude, for these new owners are the base who keep them in business, those scenarios you’ll need to make your packing quicker.  There are many parts to this recipe to avoid a catastrophe that is looming. All of us have many varied talents to contribute to this purpose.  We are all an integral part of the whole. Visit Each one of us can bring about a great change. My goal in life is to help this change come about and add my part to this whole. My purpose in writing “The Horse Listener trilogy” is to stimulate more interest in horses like the wonderful book series that Walter Farley created, “The Black Stallion” series had done for us long ago and still does to this day.