Chapter Twenty-Four

Mission accomplished!
What an experience


I rushed back to join my family. I considered this experience to be a precious moment in my life. I feel connected to the Arabian horse. All of us are together to accomplish our primary goal to preserve for the future. the blessings that God has provided in the Arabian horse for future progeny and for that of the world. I couldn’t wait to deliver the message to my grandfather. He was progressing in years. I knew now that he and his soul mate will soon be together again.
“Grandpa. I know now what it means to be connected to our spirit guides.”
He looked at me and I broke down with tears of joy as I shared with him the things that I just experienced.
“I have something to share with you, Josie. Ammeri told me about a recurring dream that all the male members of their clan had experienced throughout the years. He told me that he had experienced those same dreams too. He thought that he had recognized you from the start, even though you had cut your hair. He told me he would share that with his son.”
I remember my mother telling me that Rashad looked so familiar to her. Did the female members of her family throughout the years have the same recurring dreams of the same person, I wondered.
“As I prepared to return to my tent to rest my weary body. Rashad returned to his tent for the same reason. We hobbled our horses on the hill. I woke up with a beam of light shining through my curtains. The day was new. All I wanted to do was see my Dazshtan. We had a long way to go back to Cairo. I was going to miss my new friends and especially Rashad who had been so good to me.
As I walked up towards the hill where my stallion was hobbled, he wasn’t there. Where was he? I ran down and woke up Rashad who had just woken up to hear my screams. His mare, Basmah was also not in her place. Together, we searched the area hoping to find our horses that had disappeared. As we crested the hill where they were last seen we noticed two horses calmly grazing together on a clump of grass. It was Dazshtan and Basmah. They looked up at us innocently. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes.”

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