Chapter Eleven

For Bint Shahwan, the Substantial Change!

Rashad joined me to ride along inside the trailer. The long and stressful trip was nearing an end. For Bint Shahwan, as laid back as she always is, took the ride from the airport as an adventure, compared to the low whooshing of the jet transport. She was now looking around at all the new sites, the loud traffic noises, the ever-present horse, and donkey drawn carts. Her ears were switching her attention from her surroundings and back to me as if to capture my attention. I have always been her safe haven. Dazshtan seemed to be drawn to all the commotion. I thought to myself, “is it true that maybe his heritage is showing? Was I imagining that?” It almost seemed familiar to him as he was drawing in with his large nostrils, the air filled with the aroma of all the ambiance of the desert that was always present in Cairo. He would snort and blow as whiffs of desert palms that lined the boulevards added a little life to our travels to Al Ahmann. Dazshtan was an extremely sensitive stallion. He was very observant of all the surroundings.

As we passed the Giza plateau, the scents, and fragrances of the greenery of the Nile Delta was fast approaching. He blurted out a loud whinny as we drove down the tree lined drive on approach to Al Ahmann. The green pastures that lined the driveway were filled with mares and foals that caught his attention. They looked up attentively with their ears peaked at the sound of the new arrivals. As usual Doctor Marsufi was there to greet us at the stable. Amir, Rashad, and I unloaded our weary steeds into the quarantine portion of the stable. They were to be housed there for two weeks before they would join the regular population.

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