You Know Me Too Well

“Mom, can I go with Shirley on Thursday to the Grange Hall for the 4-H meeting?” I enthusiastically asked as I bounced down the front porch stairs.

“Sure. That’s going to be a great opportunity for you. How are you doing with Miya?” Mom asked as she continued to hang the laundry in the warm summer sun.

“Oh Mom, I’ve been down to the barn brushing Miya. She’s starting to put on some weight. I’m learning so much about horses from Shirley. She’s a great horse hand. Besides, she’s pretty.” I smiled as I rolled in the green grass in front of Mom. “I think I’ve got a crush on her.”

“That doesn’t surprise me, Mathew, you handsome kid. All the women are going to be swooning over you.”

Blushing, I said, “Oh Mom, there’s more than just girls in that club,” I stood up, red-faced.

Lowering my voice, I said, “Maybe a lot of guys have horses too.”

“Well, you can’t hide it. You’re growing up. Remember what I taught you,” Mom mused. “Mathew, tell me what time the meeting is, so I can get you there.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Mom. Shirley’s coming to pick me up on Thursday. On Saturday we take the horses to the fairgrounds for a play day. We get together and play games with the horses and learn how to ride properly, have lessons and get prepared for horse shows. There’s a big trail ride a month from now, too. You think I can get Miya ready for that?”

“Remember, you’ve only ridden rental horses with your sister. However, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of instruction this Saturday, and I truly hope you’re not rushing into riding Miya.” Mom cautioned. Hesitating, grabbing my shirt sleeve, Mom asked, “Wait a minute, you didn’t do what I think you did, did you?”

I looked straight at Mom and said as we both laughed, “Well, you know me, Mom. I got the nerve to climb on her back yesterday while she was in the stall, and it surprised me that she didn’t do a thing. She seemed to trust me as she looked around at me. She’s so sweet after everything she’s gone through. Don’t worry, Mom—I feel confident. I’m going to be the best owner she’s ever had.”

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