Mike is Glad to be Home

Mike Chapman’s routine trip to that dairy in Washington became more bearable.

Mike had had shared with me, “It was usually a lonely trip back to Alfalfa, but I was really looking forward to getting back home. I wanted to apologize to your family.”

Besides, it was nice for him being up on Mount Hood during the summer. The temperatures are at least twenty degrees cooler than the valley. Going down the other side, looking out at the Central Oregon High Desert is a sight to behold.

“This is God’s country” he would say.

The fresh air of the Cascade Mountains revived him this time. He could hardly wait to get home and get cleaned up. Being exposed to a horse again after so long kind of shook him. But, just the memory of the sights and smells in that barn, combined with the beautiful morning, was starting to put a little sunshine in his life.

Mike was pondering “I wonder how Mathew is doing with his new charge?”  “My Majestic Princess, was out of my old mare, Countess Majestic, which was one of the first mares that he bred.”

Rolling into the driveway, Mike turned around and parked the truck next to his house, followed by a big cloud of dust. Central Oregon was pretty dry that time of year.

The next morning as the sun rose, poking its warm rays through the window, Mike woke up.

“It’s nice to be in my own bed at home”, he thought. “I feel a little bit better this morning. It was good to get all that out of my mind that last trip”.

The thought of going across the street to see that beautiful mare gave Mike a little pep in his step.

Mom and I were already up. I was out feeding my mare and doing the morning chores while Mom prepared breakfast.

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